The Advantages Of Radial Shockwave Therapy For Your Foot Pain

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Chronic foot pain can severely impact your overall wellness. Whether it is keeping you up at night, which leads to insufficient sleep, or plagues you throughout the day and subsequently impairs your productivity, it can be challenging living with this condition. While there are various foot care procedures that your podiatrist can recommend to manage the foot pain, have you considered radial shockwave therapy? Despite the name, this procedure does not involve the administration of electric shocks to your affected foot. Instead, soundwaves are generated and transmitted to the damaged tissues to accelerate healing and alleviate pain. If you have never heard of this foot care procedure before, check out the following advantages of utilising radial shockwave therapy to manage your foot pain.

It is viable for a range of conditions

What may surprise you about radial shockwave therapy is that even while you are unfamiliar with this treatment, it works for a multitude of conditions. Thus, it is not limited to managing foot pain. You can also opt to receive this treatment if you have developed a hamstring injury, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and more. With that in mind, radial shockwave therapy is ideal for individuals that may have multiple foot problems and require pain relief from their podiatrist. Additionally, if you have developed scars over time due to a previous foot injury, you can opt for this treatment to break down the scar tissue.

It is a form of non-invasive treatment

If you have been deliberating on going in for surgery for your foot pain but are somewhat sceptical, you may want to try out radial shockwave therapy first before you make up your mind. This treatment is completely non-invasive. You will not require any IV fluids, cutting and so on. Furthermore, you will not require pain medication to undergo this procedure. Therefore, if you want surgery to be the last resort, you should definitely try out radial shockwave therapy.

It helps decrease inflammation

A contributing factor to chronic pain is inflammation of the affected area. If this inflammation is not addressed, you find that you are progressively becoming dependent on pain relief medication, which could prove detrimental in the long run. When you undergo radial shockwave therapy, the soundwaves help stimulate cell regeneration. As the new cells are created, inflammation decreases since the newly generated cells promote healing.

If you are already undergoing other foot care procedures such as physiotherapy to help with the pain, you should know that radial shockwave therapy is an ideal way of complementing these treatments. 

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