How Podiatry Can Keep You Mobile As You Get Older

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It is never easy to come to terms with growing older. Your eyesight begins to worsen and you can feel every bone and muscle get sorer in ways you never imagined possible when you were younger. One aspect of getting older that is often ignored or, at the very least, not talked about much in popular culture is your feet. Feet are so vital to your mobility, but as you get older it is not unusual for problems to begin to occur. Luckily, there is an industry set up to help manage and fix these problems and it is called podiatry. Here are three common problems facing older Australians and how podiatry can help.

Flat Feet

The problems of having flat feet are very much amplified as you get older. The underside of your feet get sorer and more painful to walk on and are at a much greater risk of breaking due to your bones becoming more brittle with age. Podiatry can help ease this pain through a variety of treatments including massage, custom orthotic inserts and lifestyle advice. If the pain is very great, there are podiatrists who can prescribe painkillers, and if the one at your podiatry can't, they will put you in contact with a doctor who can.


Corns are an ongoing issue for many Australians and particularly older Australians. By now you have likely tried every treatment and program to get rid of your corns under the sun, but podiatry may still hold options for you. Seeing an expert podiatrist allows them to give you tailored advice and treatment plans that over the counter medications and ointments don't provide. Another reason people go see a podiatrist about their corns is when the pain begins to get much worse. This may be a sign of other, tangential medical issues, and a podiatrist will help diagnose them and get you in touch with proper specialists who can take care of these issues like diabetes or fungal infections.

Ingrown Toenails

As you get older your nails begin to be much tougher and grow more unpredictably. If you have suffered with ingrown toenails in the past but dealt with them on your own, you may find that this becomes impossible later in life. It is best to see a podiatrist about ingrown toenails as soon as they arrive as the problem will only ever get worse. The toenail can break the delicate skin around the nail and even draw blood. This can cause infections, sepsis and above all a great deal of pain that prevents you from walking. Don't risk it; get your nail corrected and take back your independence again! 

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