Two Tips to Follow if You Want to Become a Foot Model

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Foot models are in surprisingly high demand, as lots of companies (including those that sell nail polish, jewellery, footwear and hosiery) need this type of model to advertise their products. If you're thinking about getting involved in this line of work, here are two tips you should follow.

Get a podiatrist to assess and treat your feet before creating your portfolio

In order to book foot modelling jobs, you will need to approach companies and provide them with a portfolio containing images of your feet wearing various styles of footwear, nail polish and jewellery. These photos normally need to be taken by a professional photographer and are usually quite expensive.

Before you have these portfolio photos taken, you should get a podiatrist to assess your feet and treat any imperfections that they discover, as this will ensure that when you have these photos taken, your feet look as good as they possibly can. It is important to let a podiatrist do this, rather than trying to use home remedies to handle your foot flaws, as the latter could go badly wrong.

For example, if you try to use tea tree essential oil to get rid of a verruca and you have an allergic reaction, you may end up with contact dermatitis on the skin around the verruca, and this growth itself might not even die off (as this treatment does not always work). If you're left with sore or scarred skin as a result of this dermatitis, you may have to postpone having your portfolio photos taken until the area heals.

Conversely, if you see a podiatrist and they diagnose you with this foot condition, they may use salicylic acid or cryotherapy to remove the verruca, which will not only remove this growth but will also leave the skin on your feet healthy, unscarred and in perfect condition for your photoshoot.

Pop into the podiatrist after any long periods of modelling high-heeled footwear

If you book several jobs in a row after you start foot modelling which require you to model high-heeled footwear for long periods of time, then you should head to the podiatrist after doing this work. The reason for this is as follows; high heels contort your feet into positions they are not designed to be in.

They squash your toes, arch your feet to an extreme degree and often cause you to put an unhealthy amount of pressure on the balls of your feet. This can result in foot problems such as ingrown toenails, corns and bunions. If you develop these as a result of regularly modelling high heels for footwear companies, not only will you be in a lot of pain, but your career might suffer, as you probably won't be able to book any work whilst you have these foot conditions.

However, if you visit your podiatrist after booking jobs that involve wearing high-heels, they will be able to nip any newly formed small bunions, corns or ingrown toenails in the bud, before they cause serious functional and cosmetic issues for your feet.

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