Unique Support Services Offered by an NDIS Podiatry Provider

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Severe foot problems can be devastating to avid runners because they limit one's participation in exercise. The good news is that you can seek help from a podiatrist since they have the necessary skills to attend to any foot problems that you might have. Unfortunately, the services that most podiatrists offer is limited to medical support. Notably, your quality of life will be significantly affected if foot problems are debilitating. Therefore, it is critical for patients with severe foot conditions to seek treatment from a podiatrist who is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This article highlights vital support services you are likely to receive from an NDIS podiatry provider.

Provision of Medical-Grade Footwear -- Finding the right footwear is arguably one of the most challenging issues that patients with debilitating foot problems grapple with. Therefore, patients are left with only two options: wear regular shoes or go barefoot. However, both options are ineffective in managing foot problems and might degrade a patient's quality of life. For instance, lacing up regular shoes is a challenge for most patients, especially if they have difficulty reaching their feet. An NDIS podiatry provider can be of significant assistance in such situations by helping patients to secure medical-grade footwear. Such footwear is designed with simple fastening devices that eliminate the burden of lacing up.

Foot Grooming Services -- Foot grooming is an integral part of managing conditions of the foot. While family members can help with such grooming, patients without close relatives might find it challenging to keep their ailing feet in good condition. For example, it is difficult for an elderly person to reach their feet for scrubbing or trimming their toenails. It can lead to ingrown toenails, and this might only exacerbate an existing foot problem. A podiatrist who is registered with the NDIS offers foot grooming services, thereby aiding speedy recovery and enhancing comfort.

Custom Orthotics -- Orthotics are necessary where an injury or condition leads to foot deformity or affects a patient's walking pattern. They improve balance, which allows patients to walk with confidence. Sadly, standard or over-the-counter orthotics are ineffective as gait improvement devices because they are not designed with a patient's individual needs in mind. However, most patients take this route because of financial constraints. NDIS podiatry providers, on the other hand, can cover the cost of the more effective custom orthotics. Therefore, you do not have to worry about gait correction taking longer than is necessary.

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